Digital Printing

The benefits of digital printing

Get the print quality that rivals offset printing! Starting from small quantities to even the implementation of personal direct mail, everything can be done while ensuring the rationalization of spending when using digital printing.

High speed

Digital printing brings you the results as soon as possible; there is no need to wait for long periods until the ink dries or for the exhausting preparation of printing machines. Once the printed copy is out and in your hands, it is considered ready for use, so that you can return to your work without wasting your precious time.

No minimum orders

Digital printing allows you to carry out what you need in the quantities that you require at the right time for you. The days of “huge minimum orders” have become of the past. Now we can offer pricing for only one copy to suit your needs.

With digital printing, implementation is customized in order to maintain your business and reduce wasted inventory.

Digital proofing

Digital printing allows to accurately check your work immediately. With fast colored proofs service, there is no need any more to spend more time worrying about the implementation and the quality.


Achieve the maximum marketing impact through communication with a specific person.

Digital printing allows you to customize your print-outs to using “a specific name”, which makes your business more attractive, where you can also talk directly to the receiver using text, graphics and titles you want.

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